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Want to lose weight? Learn about the Hormones responsible for weight loss!

There are in fact six different hormones that control whether or not food ingested will be turned into fat, burned as fuel, or become muscle. Those hormones are insulin, human growth hormone, cortisol, glucagon, thyroid hormone, and epinephrine. Each of these has a specific function but the two hormones most responsible for whether someone will look flabby or fabulous are insulin and glucagon.

Why are Insulin and Glucagon Important in weight loss?

Sugar itself does not cause weight gain. It is in fact the reaction of insulin to the sugar and carbohydrates ingested that creates excess fat in the body. Insulin works via the glucose levels in the body to turn it into fat for later usage. Glucagon is the hormone responsible for signaling the body's need to tear apart fat for fuel. When the blood sugar levels drop glucagon causes fat to be used up to restore glucose levels. However, if excess sugar is in the body then the glucose levels won't drop and insulin will be released to try and normalize these levels. In short, if a lot of sugar is taken into the body on a consistent basis then weight gain is assured because the body is very efficient and storing it for later. In point of fact, people who eat normally but seem to gain weight might not be unhealthy at all. Their body might simply be very efficient at energy storage.

How to Even Out Glucagon and Insulin Levels

To maintain a steady weight loss plan and actually keep it down the first step is to purge the excess carbohydrates and glucose the liver is generating so that it will be ready to work at one hundred percent. Then keep the sugar intake to a minimum, you will still need to eat some sugar and other complex carbohydrates. Once a healthy balance for your body is determined, this is determined either by a doctor or simply noticing your energy levels and sleeker appearance, simply maintain that balance in the future.