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Your Social Security benefits could stop for a number of reasons.

You have to be careful and make sure you do not make too much. People who make over nine hundred dollars a month and are on Social Security disability are likely to have their benefits garnished. They could stop all together if you end up making way too much money. The truth of the matter is that so many people can lose their Social Security benefits if they happen to make too much money. Your Social Security benefits will be docked or lost if you happen to have a judgment placed against you or there is a tax lien against your property for example.

Going to Prison

Why Would My Social Security Benefits Stop? Your Social Security benefits can stop if you happen to go to prison. Your Social Security benefits will stop if you get fined or lose a major lawsuit. The Social Security benefits that you could have earned will end up going into someone else's pocket. You do not want to go prison for committing fraud. You also do not want to have your Social Security benefits garnished because you decided not to report other forms of income. This can be a hassle for so many people, but it needs to be done.

Illegal Activity

Why Would My Social Security Benefits Stop? The Social Security benefits that you have received may stop due to the failure or lack of willingness to pay federal taxes. People who do not pay federal taxes should not receive federal benefits programs. The world of Social Security is likely to change in the future for everyone. So many people out there tend to believe that their benefits will stop or be lessened regardless of what they personally do. Your Social Security benefits may stop.