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This is assuming that your Social Security benefits go to someone who you are married to when you die. A number of people like to think of their Social Security as something that they can pass on to some other people. You need to make sure that the Social Security benefits are something that you can pass on to the best people in your life when you happen to die. There is no one better to pass your Social Security benefits to than your spouse. Your spouse would welcome the idea of getting your Social Security benefits from a financial perspective.


You can help pay off certain bills dealing with an estate with a spouse's Social Security benefits when they happen to die. There are other estate planners who would certainly see the value in using Social Security benefits in order to pay off certain debts. Once your spouse dies, it is your choice to use their Social Security benefits as you see fit. You may even use the Social Security benefits in order to pay off a tax lien on a spouse's commercial property. You can pay some of that off with Social Security benefits.


People can tend to be creative when it comes to spending their Social Security benefits. Some people use their Social Security benefits in order to go traveling around the world. You want to be careful and not to spend like crazy when it comes to a spouse's Social Security benefits when they have passed away. A self employed person would also have to worry about what to do with a spouse's benefits after they happen pass away. You can end up paying a high amount of taxes on a person's estate, including Social Security benefits in case of their death.