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The fact that you cannot collect the Social Security of your husband while they happen to be in jail is something that you should consider before you decide to marry someone who may have a criminal past. The criminal past that they have may end up impacting their Social Security. A number of people tend to take the fact that they may be able to get their husband's Social Security benefits seriously. You want to be able to get those Social Security benefits A husband should be proud to give their Security benefits to their wife if it happens to help.


Social Security benefits are something that you should take seriously. This means that you should want to spend a majority of your time in jail so your wife can not collect your Social Security benefits. Your Social Security benefits should end up being frozen if you happen to be going to jail. You can really learn to enjoy the idea of being able to take care of your family with your Social Security benefits if you happen to be a free person. A person who happens to be going to jail is not actually free and cannot have someone benefiting from their Social Security.


You can consult an attorney about whether you can collect Social Security that happen to be part of a husband's earnings when they happen to be in jail if necessary. You can also talk to a financial adviser about whether or not you can actually collect the Social Security benefits of your husband if they happen to be in jail. The financial adviser may not give you the answer that you want, but you need to be honest when it comes to your Social Security benefits.