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Tips for collecting your Social Security money when you reside outside the United States. You’re entitled to receive your benefits in many countries.

You are retired and have decided to reside in another country to enjoy your retirement years. You wonder “Can I reside in another country and still collect Social Security?” The answer is yes, but requires actions to ensure you receive your monthly checks. Foreign countries have their eligibility requirements and retirees should inquire about their country of choice.


If you are an eligible U. S. citizen, Social Security payments continue in many countries. The American Government has agreements with many countries that allow for your benefits to be sent to your country of residence. This list changes from periodically and you should review this list to ensure your benefits continue.

Different Countries Have Different Policies

If you are an eligible citizen of country in which the United States has a social security policy, you can continue to receive your Social security benefits while residing in that country. You may continue to receive benefits if you are a resident of specific countries and meet the eligibility requirements. Other countries where you are not a citizen or a resident of the country may disqualify you from receiving benefits. You must contact the Social Security office to ask if your chosen country will disqualify you. The U. S. Treasury maintains a small list of ineligible countries. These countries have money restrictions and retirees won’t receive benefits.

Receipt of Funds

When you decide to reside in another country temporarily or permanently, you should sign up for direct deposit with a reliable foreign bank or an American bank having online services to access your account.

The Social Security office will send questionnaires to determine continued eligibility. Once forms are returned and reviewed, funds should continue to flow into your account. If your form is late, funds will stop and be reinstated with a lump sum after approval.