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What you must know about social security benefits when you are deciding to get remarried before or after you start to collect benefits

Social Security survivor benefits have several requirements attached to them in order to receive benefits. This also applies when you are considering remarriage. If you are already retired and receiving social security benefits from your deceased spouses account your benefits will not be affected. However, depending on the decrees set forth in a divorce, you may loose eligibility if your spouse is alive when you retire.

Does This Apply To Me?

If you are under the retirement age and disabled these rules also apply to you. If you are under aged and divorced you will no longer qualify for social security benefits unless specifically stated in the divorce decree.

I Want To Remarry And My Children Receive Survivor Benefits Will This Change

If you are receiving survivor benefits for underage children there will be no change in their benefits. However, as a newly married spouse you will no longer receive any benefits for yourself. Children’s survivorship benefits apply to people that were married or divorced at the time of the death. Surviving spouses can claim death benefits against a divorced spouse if they meet the length of marriage requirement, even if there are no underage children and the living spouse has not remarried. The required marriage length is currently 10 or more years of consecutive marriage.

Will I Qualify For New Benefits Under My Remarriage

When you remarry, depending on age and other legal factors, you will be able to qualify for social security benefits from your new spouse. Things that must be considered are length of marriage prior to divorce or death of new spouse. Previous arrangements made by new spouse with any of their divorce decrees. Also, surviving children that are under aged or disabled from the current or previous marriage must be considered. All of these issues will have an effect on your ability to collect benefits.