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If I Never Paid Into Social Security, Can I Still Receive It? Little known exceptions that make entitlement possible.

If a person has never paid into Social Security, there is no benefit payable at time of disability or retirement age under the Social Security Number (SSN) assigned to them. However, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule that make benefit entitlement possible.

How Can I Collect Benefits?

If a person is married, divorced, or the widow of a worker who receives Social Security Retirement Insurance Benefit (RIB) or Social Security Disability Insurance benefit (SSDI), benefits are payable even if the worker is deceased or remarried. Again, certain conditions apply to the situation.

If I Never Paid Into Social Security, Can I Still Receive It?

If a person is married to a worker who meets all the requirements to receive Social Security benefits, and is age 62 or older, eligibility to benefits is possible on the spouse‘s record. This applies even if the worker is eligible to retire but chooses to continue working. If the worker is disabled and there is a child age 16 or younger in the house, benefits are payable. Additionally, if a worker has died, a person is eligible to receive benefits on their records as long as the marriage was still valid at the time of death.

The other exception that applies to the rule of a person never paying into Social Security but receiving benefits concerns the ex-spouse of a worker. This person is still eligible for benefits provided the marriage lasted at least ten (10) years; the applicant meets the minimum age requirement of 62 and has not remarried; and does not have eligibility to benefits on another record which is equal to or high than the ex-spouse. The current spouse and ex-spouse can both receive benefits at the same time without it affecting the Benefit Maximum applied to the worker’s record.