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People who receive Social Security benefits and plan to get remarried are often worried about losing their survivor benefits. Depending on the age and previous marital status, a beneficiary may or may not lose their survivor benefits in the case of remarriage. It's also important to realize that Social Security does not impose a marriage penalty when each party is entitled to his/her own benefits. This article will explain what the rules are surrounding remarriage for Social Security beneficiaries.

Remarriage Of A Surviving Divorced Spouse Or Widower

The remarriage of a surviving divorced spouse or widower can affect Social Security benefits. Specifically, survivor benefits will be canceled for a surviving divorced spouse or widower who remarries before the age of 60. If the remarriage takes place after the surviving divorced spouse or widower turns 60 years of age then they will maintain all of their previous Social Security benefits. However, if the surviving divorced spouse or widower is disabled then he or she may get remarried after the age of 50 without losing any Social Security benefits.

Termination Of A Subsequent Marriage And Children Benefits

If the widower or surviving divorced spouse chooses to get remarried before the age of 60 and that marriage is later terminated through divorce or death then they will again be entitled to receive Social Security benefits. The Social Security benefits will be reinstated on the month that the marriage is terminated. Social Security benefits that are being paid to children will never be terminated in the case of a remarriage.

In every case, if the widower or surviving divorced spouse are receiving Social Security benefits based on their own work record then their benefits will not be stopped in the case of remarriage. Only widowers and surviving divorced spouses who receive survivor's benefits will see their Social Security benefits affected by a remarriage.