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To expect Social Security of your own when you have not worked is a little bit naive. I think that a lot of people would welcome the idea of getting Social Security in this situation. You can get your spouse's Social Security in a situation where your spouse happens to die. A number of people do not even know they possibly can get their spouse's Social Security if they were to happen to pass away. A number of people do not know many of the rules that are laid out by the Social Security Administration.


Working and the paying of Social Security taxes is exactly how the Social Security system is funded. If you are not careful and do not work you will not receive Social Security benefits as an adult unless you happen to become disabled. A person who becomes disabled does deserve an opportunity to receive Social Security benefits. You can work hard and then find a way to support Social Security during your retirement. People who happen to be able bodied and do not work that much should not be expecting to get a bunch of Social Security as they happen to get older. Social Security benefits are great.


If you don't work, you won't have as much money during your retirement years, certainly not a Social Security check unless your spouse happens to die. You need to be able to enjoy Social Security benefits if you happen to have worked extremely hard, if you have not worked hard you should not be trying to get Social Security benefits. People who happen to get Social Security benefits do need to spend the Social Security benefits carefully so they can have a good retirement.