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How Long Will I Have To Wait To Get My Social Security After Applying? - Unraveling the mysteries of Social Security time guidelines.

There are several factors that contribute to the length of time it takes to receive benefits once the application is The Social Security Administration handles millions of claims every year. Due to this enormous workload and the commitment made to consumers, time management is very important when processing applications.

Applying For Benefits

A person is eligible to retire beginning age 62. If choosing this as a retirement age, a person may apply at age 61 years 9 months. An application should never be made more than four months prior to the time that benefits are desired. There are three ways to apply for retirement benefits. A person can apply online, by telephone, or in person. No matter what method is chosen, the applicant must provide a social security card, a birth certificate, proof of citizenship, tax return forms, W-2 and other employment forms, military discharge records., and bank information.

What Would Cause A Delay In My Application?

Because Social security employees must contact an applicant and wait for needed documentation, processing time varies. Social Security employees make every effort to help an applicant obtain documentation. Depending on how long it takes to contact the applicant, answer any questions, and get the needed documentation, the processing could be extremely short or long.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get My Social Security After Applying?

Social Security’s goal is to complete work on an application within fifteen days of the application date or before the first payment is due. If a person takes advantage of the four-month early filing date, then benefits will take up to four months to start. However, if a person waits until the last minute to apply, Social Security employ