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If your spouse worked at a government job that did not pay Social Security, your benefits may be offset due to the rules regulating windfall payments from the government. The government has laws in place that do not allow government employees to collect excessive payments from government retirement programs. However, if your spouse worked for a non-government employer, your retirement benefits will not be affected by their income. Social Security may even adjust your retirement benefits to a higher rate if your spouse made a considerable amount more than you did during your work career.

Will Social Security Change My Disability Benefits Because Of My Spouses Income?

If you are applying for Social Security Disability Income your payments may be reduced because of your spouse’s income. SSDI, which is different than SSD, is based on the family income. SSDI is a program that gives low income recipients extra money each month that are receiving disability or retirement benefits and is based on income. Not everyone will qualify for this program and, if your income changes, you may loose or have your benefits increased. This program must be renewed periodically.

Can Social Security Use Payments Made By My Ex Spouse To Supplement My Income?

If you were married for over 10 years and have not remarried since your divorce, you may be entitled to some of your ex-spouses Social Security benefits. You will need to go to the SSA office and bring with you the accompanying paperwork supporting your right to offset your Social Security from your ex partners contributions. Many divorce decrees will have this stipulation spelled out in the paperwork. The Social Security office will not do this automatically, you must request this service.