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You can know how much you will get for Social Security.

You need to call your local Social Security office when you retire in order to find out how much you will get for Social Security. The Social Security Administration asks you plenty of questions if you actually go to apply for Social Security benefits when you retire. The truth of the matter is that the Social Security Administration sends you documents on a yearly basis showing you exactly how much money you made on a yearly basis. These same documents project to you exactly how much you are project to earn from Social Security when you retire. The documents are kind of fancily put together.


The hope is that these documents are accurate. The hope is that the Social Security Administration takes their presentation seriously. There is no true guarantee that the documents are accurate however. The United States probably needs several forms of retirement systems, this is why people have such a fierce debate over Social Security and its benefits. There is no guarantee that those benefits will be there. The Social Security Administration needs to take their job seriously when telling people about their benefits and most of them do.


If you did not pay federal income taxes, you will not be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. If this happens to be the case then you have nothing to worry about. Taxes are important to the continued funding of the Social Security system. It can be hard to properly make sure the self employed get their fair share of Social Security. A self employed person needs to have a right to their fair share of Social Security payments when they retire. The Social Security Administration does admit that it is easier to keep track of the funds for someone who is employed through some else's company.