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How do I find my local Social Security office? Easy tips to help you find the closest Social Security office quickly and safely, without getting lost.

You like, many people, may be asking, "how do I find my local social security office?" It might be time to check on your social security retirement benefits. Or, maybe you just got married and need to change your name on your social security card. In other words, when you ask, "how do I find my local social security office" it means an important event has happened in your life.

Important To Know

No matter what is going on in your life, knowing how do I find my social security office gives you access to a major government resource. Besides your birth certificate, you need to a way to prove your identity, to become employed, get a driver's license, or open a bank account. Using your social security office resources can make these things possible.

How Do I Find My Local Social Security Office

The two easiest ways to find Social Security offices is through public lists for government services through the public telephone book and the Internet.

Government White Pages

First, in the front section of your telephone book, there are special government listings, organized by cities, counties, state and federal districts. Look for the federal office listings under Social Security. Once you find the telephone number and address, you can simply call for directions or use a local map.

Internet Government Websites

Second, by searching on the Internet with the phrase “how do I find my social security office” on Google or Yahoo, not only will you get listings of local offices, but also related government websites and services related to Social Security. Then, go to, for exact directions.