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How Do I Collect Social Security Spousal Benefits After My Spouse Dies? Useful Information to help you get the benefits you are due.

Eventually, every married person is faced with the death of a spouse. It is easy to put off making plans for this, but it is necessary to know the steps to collecting Social Security spousal benefits.

Benefit Types

There are two different spousal death benefits . The first one is a one-time payment. This benefit is usually in the amount of $255.00 and is separate from monthly spouse benefits. People already receiving Social Security benefits on their spouse’s record are converted to survivor benefits once Social Security is notified of the event. A person receiving benefits on their own record must call or visit their local to see what is the most advantageous benefit to take.

Eligibility Requirements

If remarriage occurs before age 60 or 50 and disabled, spousal benefits are not due. By waiting until after the age of 60, eligibility for benefits is not jeopardized. A divorced spouse is eligible to receive benefits if all of the following conditions apply. The spouse must be either age 60 or age 50 and disabled; The deceased worker had to be fully insured at the time of death. The divorced spouse must not be remarried or not entitled to retirement benefits that are equal or higher than the deceased worker’s .

How Do I Collect Social Security Spousal Benefits After My Spouse Dies?

Apply for benefits as soon as possible because eligibility date for payment can be determined by the application not the date of death. Do not worry about missing documents. Use either original or certified copies. Normally, the following documents are required: Certificate of Death, marriage certificate; divorce decree if divorced; information about dependent children; W-2 information for the deceased, and bank information for payment. Again, do not delay filing. Start the application , and protect the benefit payable date.