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If you have a loved one that is entering a nursing home you may want to know, “Does a nursing home take your Social Security payments?”

There may be a nursing home stay in the future for yourself or one of your loved ones. Paying for that expense has a lot of people scratching their heads wondering how they will accomplish this. Does a nursing home take your Social Security payments?

Does a nursing home take your Social Security payments?

If you or a loved one enters a nursing home and is receiving Social Security benefits, the nursing home is not required by law to receive the benefits. However, the beneficiary of the benefits can authorize Social Security to be sent directly to the home.

What other options does a beneficiary have?

The recipient of the benefits can still have the Social Security benefits sent directly to them or deposited into their checking or savings account and then make payments to the home. They can also authorize a relative to receive the funds and then pay the home.

Is there any allowance made for personal needs of the patient?

When a person receiving Social Security benefits is in a nursing home and all their benefits are being applied to the cost of their care it is a requirement that $52 a month be set aside for their personal care.

So, does a nursing home take your Social Security payments?

Yes they do but the beneficiary still has the right to determine just how that payment is made. They may assign a representative of their own choosing to manage their resources for them or they can also authorize the nursing home to manage these funds for them, which include the $52 personal fund that is withheld to cover those expenses.