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Your Social Security benefits can be garnished.

Your Social Security benefits can be garnished for a number of reasons. You have to play by the rules. If you do not understand exactly how much money you can have and exactly what forms of income you can earn, you need to ask the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration can not answer the questions that you ask correctly. They will try to answer your questions correctly however.

Understanding the Rules

It is important that you understand the rules associated with Social Security and the income limitations associated with it. The limitations are necessary so a bunch of millionaires and billionaires do not end up getting a ton of illegal government benefits. There are so many people who genuinely need these benefits. This is why it is so important that people do not end cheating on the rules. These rules can be very important. The people who cheat on these rules and end up having their Social Security garnished are going to end up hurting people who really are older, disabled and unable to work. Can My Social Security Be Garnished? They should be garnished if you purposely break the rules.


Your Social Security benefits can be garnished. They can be garnished due to a lawsuit. If you happen to be in a past or current business venture and your business partners ends up losing money on the deal and ends up successfully suing you, you better have the money to pay for that. If you do not have the money to pay off that lawsuit, you are likely to have your Social Security benefits garnished. You have to do this if you do not have the saving. A lot of elderly and retired can not have their Social Security benefits garnished.