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Technically, you cannot refuse to take your Social Security.

The Social Security Administration is very computerized. They will automatically send the check your way whether you want it or not. It is very hard to find a way out of the system to be perfectly honest. You can send your Social Security back when you get it. You can write another check back to the national Treasury. The truth of the matter is that if you don't want your Social Security benefits then don't apply for them. You need to write a check back to the Federal Treasury if you happen to feel like you don't want your Social Security.


Can I Refuse Taking My Social Security? A lot of wealthy people probably could refuse their Social Security benefits and survive. It is not likely that these people will end up refusing their Social Security benefits. The truth of the matter is that these people did pay into the system and they are entitled to those benefits given that they paid their FICA taxes. The idea of paying into a system and then not being able to reap the benefits is not something which appeals to all that many people. I could be wrong however.

Members of Congress

There are members of Congress who have said that they can afford to give back their Social Security benefits. Lee Hamilton, a longtime Democratic House member from the state of Indiana said he could afford to give back his Social Security and do so quite easily. Hamilton also served on the 9/11 Commission. He was paid for that and thus those earnings contributed to Social Security. I have no idea whether Mr. Hamilton actually gives his Social Security check back to the federal Treasury or not, he may be able to give you better answers on this matter.