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Secrets you should know about unemployment and social security benefits.

There is no doubt that reaching the age of retirement is a double-edged sword for many people. It signals the end of a life time of work and strife for many. They will tour the world and enjoy their remaining years. However, not all seniors will have this scenario in their life. For them retirement age might mean starvation due to debts, bills, or insufficient income. If this is the case they might try to gather unemployment payments as well as their social security while they look for any manner of job they can get.Can a senior citizen acquire social security payments while receiving unemployment benefits? This is a question answered in two ways. There is the simple answer and then there is a slightly more complex one.

The Simple Answer

The simple answer to the question of whether or not an individual can receive both social security and unemployment is yes. In forty-six of the United States an individual can receive both forms of income in full.
However, some states only allow partial receipt of unemployment benefits if someone is receiving social security income. The general amount reduced is fifty percent of the social security benefit. This is called an "offset". This can drive down the benefit from unemployment to near zero for some individuals. However, in 2002 there were twenty two states that retained the full offset legislation set by the federal government.

The Complex Answer

The complex answer is actually easier to relate to those seeking information. This will involve detailing just what manner of social security income an individual is receiving. If the individual receives social security disability payments or similar work related compensation then the answer will usually be no. They cannot receive unemployment payment. However, this will be a state by state and individual case basis. For instance, if a senior is disabled but is capable of doing light work part-time then they may be able to receive partial unemployment payments based on the sudden loss of work.