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If you are collecting short term disability for an injury more than likely you will not qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Insurance companies often only issue short term disability payments to individuals that will recover from the ailment in a specific period of time. Social Security disability will not even begin to pay for a disability claim for at least 5 months after the initial claim. It is the policy of the administration to wait at least this length of time to see if any recovery is possible before entering into a disability claim permanently.

If My Short Term Disability Runs Out Can I Apply For Social Security Benefits?

If you find that you have been disabled for an extended period of time, and there is not much hope for full recovery, you will qualify for Social Security disability benefits. It will always be in your best interest to hire someone to represent you before the SSA, most claims for disability are denied the first time. It will take a minimum of five months to process your disability claim. On average, a person that files for disability will have two years to wait before their benefits are approved.

I Can Return To Work Can I Stop Receiving Social Security Disability Payments?

If you are lucky enough to recuperate from your disability and you want to return to work you do not have to stay of Social Security disability. A simple trip to the Social Security office will help. A SSA worker will help you determine if returning to work will cancel your benefits or if you will be able to still receive help each month, even if it is at a lower rate.