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If you happen to be collecting Social Security disability, it would have to be a very small business that you end up running if you happen to want to be able to still collect your Social Security disability. You are only allowed to make a very small amount of monthly income when it comes to collecting Social Security disability. A business owner would probably be ashamed to admit that they are actually collecting Social Security disability. You might be able to run a small computer repair shop and still be able to collect Social Security disability.


You can own your own home if you happen to be getting Social Security disability, but it is hard to see how a person collecting Social Security disability can end up owning their own commercial property. The possibility would surely lead to you losing your Social Security disability. The whole process can end up being extremely worthwhile if you are able to work your way off of Social Security disability. If you are able to work off of your Social Security disability by owning your own business then it definitely can end up being worth it.


You may be able to own a small at home business if you happen to be on Social Security disability. You need to be careful and honest with yourself when it comes to your limitations when happen to be on Social Security disability. People who are on Social Security disability obviously cannot end up making a lot of money at their own business because they are not legally allowed to so. The situations involving money and Social Security disability usually only allow you to make one thousand dollars a month. The idea of only making one thousand dollars a month can not have that much appeal.