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A woman can draw social security from her ex-husband when she retires. This policy was originally put in place to provide retirement income to divorced women in a time when most households had one income source. Women were home makers and did not usually generate income while married so upon their retirement, they were unlikely to have paid enough in to the system to collect social security benefits from their own income. There are certain requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible as well as to determine how much an ex-wife would receive.

What Are the Requirements for a woman to draw social security from her ex-husband?

The woman must meet certain age requirements and must have been married to her ex-husband for a minimum of ten years. She can’t be married at the time of application. It does not matter if she has remarried as long as that marriage is dissolved or that spouse is deceased. If the woman was married twice for over ten years each time, she can collect on either ex-husband.

What Are The Age Requirements?

In order for a woman to draw social security benefits from her ex-husband, she needs to be at least 60 years old if the ex-spouse is deceased and at least 62 years old if he is living and she is not disabled. She may be able to collect at age 50 if he is deceased and she is disabled.

What If The Woman Would Collect More From Her Own Income?

A qualified person can only collect one social security benefit. It is best to determine which income will generate the greater earnings prior to applying for benefits. Keep in mind that the woman will only receive one half of the ex-spouses benefit unless he is deceased.