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Vitamins and Minerals specially needed for Senior Citizens. Worried about which vitamins are right for you? This article tells you just that.

As you get older it becomes more important that you take certain vitamins and minerals needed the older individual. Senior citizens worried about whether they are taking the correct vitamins and minerals need to know what they should take to keep them healthy. This article will show you what vitamins and minerals senior citizens should take and why.


With all the different types of vitamins on the market it is difficult for many people, including senior citizens to be sure that they are taking exactly what they need. One main vitamin needed for senior citizens is Vitamin D. This helps increase calcium absorption and maintain strong bones and teeth. By taking Vitamin D, it allows itself to work with Calcium to keep your immune system and nervous system healthy, both of which are essential in overall healthiness.

Some of the most essential vitamins for the elderly are Vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin A is said to promote healthy skin and possibly prevent blindness. Vitamin C allows the body to use iron more sufficiently which helps woulds heal faster. Vitamin E is much like an antioxidant found in many fruit. It helps the body get rid of free radicals which can cause many illnesses.


Some of the best minerals for senior citizens come from what they eat. As you get older it becomes much more important to watch your diet and eat healthy foods. Thus, senior citizens must regulate their diet in order to remain healthy and active.

First, Calcium is one of the best minerals that can be consumed by the elderly. It helps promote bone and teeth strength as well as helping to fight against bone disease in women of all ages.

Another mineral that is necessary for senior citizens is Iron. Iron helps with blood circulation and helps to heal wounds faster. It can be found in many cereals and also in Kiwi fruit.

These vitamins and minerals are some that help support and maintain certain aspects of the body that are essential in senior citizens. Though one of the best ways to remain healthy as you get older is through diet and exercise, by taking vitamins and eating foods containing certain minerals and antioxidants you can hope to live healthier as well.