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What Will Happen To My Medicare Under New Health Care Reform? The answer to that question depends on who you listen to in Washington, D.C.

Description: Seniors question, "What Will Happen To My Medicare Under New Health Care Reform?" Read on to find some pros and cons.

There Is No Reform At This Time

With all the hoopla on television and in the newspapers about health care reform, it is easy to believe it is already passed and big changes are coming. This is not the case. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a version, and the U. S. Senate passed a different version. However, members of the house do not like some of the provisions of the senate bill and vice versa. The two bodies have to get together and agree on a new health care bill between them, and it has to be one that the President will sign in order to become law. It has not happened yet.

If It Passes, What Will Happen To My Medicare Under New Health Care reform?

Medicare will be affected by any new health care bill. Whether for the good or for the bad is anybody's guess right now. There has been talk about cutting Medicare by $500 billion over the next ten years. That could be a bad thing. But there has also been talk that most of this money will come from savings created by reducing fraud and corruption within the current system. That could be a good thing. One thing is certain, if and when a new health care bill becomes law, Medicare will be affected.

Will I Have To Change Doctors?

Probably not. Even if a new health care bill passes this year, it will take time to work out all the changes. During this time, Medicare will operate pretty much the same as it has in the past. Procedures and forms will change behind the scenes long before any changes are made, if they ever are, in the doctor patient relationship.