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Some of the good, interesting, affordable, custom-made plans Aetna offers the senior citizens all over the country concerning their current health conditions.

The Aetna insurance company has many health care plans that it offers the senior citizen that walks through its doors.

Overall Health insurance

On the most basic level, Aetna offers the senior the appropriate health cover they need for their day-to-day lives. The health insurance caters for a variety of needs the senior might have and they cove all sorts of diseases whether they are of a chronic nature or not. The health insurance covers a variety of needs ranging from medical emergencies, surgery, and outpatient as well as in-patient and any other medical needs the patient has. It offers comprehensive coverage and has other options including funeral expenses.
Dental Insurance

Aetna covers the senior citizens dental insurance whether they have all their teeth, use dentures or a combination of both. This is good coverage for the senior as they can have the regular checkups needed or they can have all the necessary work done without stressing on the cost of the treatment.


This is a part of the Aetna insurance provision and it allows the senior to be flown to a specialized medical institution if there is the need for a specific course of treatment. The type of evacuation must be however looked into carefully to ascertain whether the local or statewide evacuation is the best option for the senior.

Disability Insurance

This is also available for the senior citizen and this is a good type of insurance cover as it caters for the needs of the senior should any injury occur that leaves them disabled in one way or another. There are many other services listed on the Aetna bouquet and they are open to senior citizens across the country.