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For a very long time, people have been trying to look for a solution which would help in curing diseases which have been arising in today’s world due to poor nutrition. These diseases in humans are directly caused by improper eating habits and their dietary habits. Therefore, these habits need to be given special attention, as it might lead to a number of different diseases prove to be harmful to your health.

List of Diseases

Few of the main diseases that can be caused due to poor nutrition and lack of minerals, nutrients and vitamins in the body are Anorexia, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and other Chronic Diseases. Chronic diseases include diseases by which people end up looking much older than their actual age or they end up dying prematurely. This results mainly due to poor nutrition. Obesity can then lead to various diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Finally, anorexia is an eating disorder as well, which leads in the fear of gaining weight, characterized by healthy body weight. Therefore, you should make sure to provide yourself with high nutritional value food which will help in increasing your immune system and vision.

5 Tips for Avoiding Poor Nutrition

In conclusion, you need to keep few important things in mind and those are:

- Poor eating habits often occur during a human’s childhood. There has been a survey which said that 65% of the youngsters are eating a lot of fat and the rest eat proper healthy food.
- The number of overweight children in today’s world has been doubled since the 80’s.
- Humans have been experiencing an increase in the risk of getting subjected to developing diabetes, cancel, depression, anxiety, obesity and weak bones.
- Therefore, good nutrition will help in overcoming diseases such as heart diseases, strokes, cancer, diabetes and the most important the osteoporosis disease.
- Lastly, don’t forget to give special attention to a healthy diet, as poor nutrition is responsible for about 300,000 to 600,000 of deaths each year.