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Learn more about the benefits and options available for in-home care. Here are some tips to help seniors decide if Home Health Care is right for them.

How does in home care work?

There are some things to know about how this works. The health care plan is decided by the patient's doctor, with most of the costs covered insurance or Medicare. The home health care agency follows the physician’s care plan, and works closely with patient’s families to provide restorative care that promotes independence and a quick recovery.

Are the services expensive?

Medicare and Medicaid cover these expenses for most seniors enrolled in their plans. Eligibility is determined by a doctor’s recommendation for services. These services enable seniors to live independently in their own homes and still receive the care they need. It is a much less expensive alternative to long-term hospital stays.

What are the pros and cons associated with this service?

The Pros:

1. Services provided are nursing care, post-hospital rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, visiting home health aides, medication management and hospice care.
2. Medicare and Medicaid cover all or most of the costs.
3. Services may be covered by private insurance.
4. Care can also be paid for by the patient or their families.
5. Pay only for services provided. No hidden costs or use fees.
6. Receive the same level of care provided in a less intrusive setting.
7. Families and spouses can participate in their loved ones care.

The Cons:

Because you pay only for the needed services it is not the same as having someone there around the clock. You can request 24 hour care but your physician needs to approve it. This is an option for seniors who only need limited assistance with bathing, meals and medication reminders. Services can also include transportation to and from doctor appointment .