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Osteoporosis Definition

When old bone is being reabsorbed faster than new bone is being made it is called osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a slow decrease in mass and density of the bone.

Helpful Information

The skeleton is not just a bunch of dried up bones with no purpose. The bones are living tissue and they need nourishment and regular exercise and in so doing the body has an opportunity to be making better bone for our bodies.

More Helpful Information

As is commonly known estrogen seems to indirectly slow bone loss while progesterone and testosterone are actively involved in the making and unmaking of bone.
New bone is constantly being made. Old bone gets absorbed and excreted by the body.
Calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and fluoride are the important minerals. Without these minerals in the body we would not have bones. There needs to be a balance of these minerals or it can cause poor bone structure.
If the bones become fragile, falls or bumps can cause a fracture.

Things To Be Aware Of

Until a fracture occurs there may not be any signs of a person having osteoporosis.
But there are a few things that may have you wanting to see your doctor for early detection.
If there is a slow loss of height. While your sleeping you have leg and foot cramps every night. A continuous pain in your lower back. You start becoming restless or are not able to sleep. Even loose teeth or gum disease can be an early sign.

Is Osteoporosis reversible?

With early detection and a healthy diet and exercise it has a good chance of being preventable and reversible.