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How Do High Heels Affect Women's Health? The answer may surprise you. Everyone knows how uncomfortable high heels are but can it affect you long term?

There aren't many women who will gush about the incredible comfort of wearing high heels. There are women who like high heels because of the way high heels make them look, the way high heels make them feel, or even the way they make others think about them. But can wearing high heels be detrimental to a woman's long term health, and are these health risks increased for seniors who may have been wearing high heels regularly for decades?

I've 63 and have been wearing high heels for decades. How do high heels affect women's health in my case?

Recent studies show that the long term consequences of wearing high heels can be quite severe. Medical problems such as: bunions, hammertoe, and even permanent damage to the tendons in the legs. To further complicate matters the negative health effects of wearing high heels can occur simultaneously. Medical professionals believe that these problems are being caused by the high heel shoe increasing the pressure put on the ball of the foot. The height of the heel exacerbates this condition, the higher the heel the more potential health problems.

How do high heels affect women's health in other ways?

While foot related medical problems and leg tendon damage are the most common complaints doctors are seeing relating to high heels there is some evidence that high heels can cause other problems as well. Some doctors believe that chronic wearing of high heels can lead to injuries in other part of the body as well. Knee pain, back pain, and even neck pain may be sometimes connected with long term wearing of high heels. Is the beauty worth the price?