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How can I obtain my mental health records? Read here for places where you can obtain your historical mental health record!

For many people who need or want to obtain their medical history records, finding their mental health records can be difficult. Luckily, there are several ways a person could obtain their mental health records.

Through a Mental Health Facility

The first place where you can obtain you mental health records is through a mental health facility. If you have previously been omitted to a mental health facility, then there should be historical documents of your mental health on file. In most situations, the hospital will be required to show you a copy of your mental health record. In some rare situations, the mental health facility may be able to withhold your record, if they feel the news could be mentally damaging.

Through Any Other Medical Provider

The next place where you can obtain your mental health records is through any other medical provider. When visiting a doctor, the doctor’s office will attempt to obtain all previous information regarding your health. This will include mental health information, because the doctor will need to ensure that they don’t prescribe a drug which could be damaging. These medical providers will also be required to provide you with your mental health records upon your request.

Through a Potential Employer

Another place where you can obtain your mental health records is through a potential employer. Depending on the type of employment you are applying for, a proper mental health check may be required. Assuming you approve of the review, this process will often include analyzing your historical mental health records. If you happen to be denied employment because of what is contained in your mental health records, then the potential employer may be required to show you your mental health records.