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Vital Information for Seniors: How Can I Eat Healthy on a Fixed Income? The secrets to eating healthy while saving big are just a click away.

When seniors must live on a fixed income, many difficulties arise. For instance, there is difficulty in purchasing healthy food, as the price of food is continuously rising. If you are a senior who finds yourself in such a situation, you will want to take the following advice in order to continue eating healthy.

How Can I Eat Healthy on a Fixed Income? Look for Sales

Looking for sales is one of the best ways to continue purchasing healthy food at a price that is affordable. A lot of the time, sales will enable you to purchase one healthy product and get the other one for free or half off, which will help greatly, as that is less money that you have to spend. The way to find such sales is by looking through the paper, searching online, or checking with the staff at the store in which you will be shopping to see what sales they are presently running. Store staff will be happy to advise you.

How Can I Eat Healthy on a Fixed Income? Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk is another way that will enable you to eat healthy while spending little. The reason that this is the case is because you can purchase large amounts for a small price. Stores such as Sam's Club and BJ’s offer you the ability to purchase in bulk for a small membership fee of between thirty to fifty dollars. The yearly fee may sound a bit much, but if you want to continue eating healthy while spending little, the price is worth it. Save up to pay the membership fee if you have to. You will be glad you did, especially when you can purchase enough food to last a month while still having a lot of money left.