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Seniors can make their later years, truly "golden" through good nutrition, fitness and health care, that sustain the body, heart, mind and soul.

Senior citizens have already lived long lives developing habits, routines and practices. As they age, seniors will have increasingly demanding health care needs as their bodies deteriorate. Proper health management must continue the good habits of nutrition and fitness, while improving bad habits in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition - "We are what we eat!"

Health management begins with what people eat. A healthy diet consists of all four food groups: 1.) dairy, 2.) fruits & vegetables, 3.) grains and 4.) meats. People shouldn't consume too many foods that are high in sugar, salt or fat. Seniors might need to take multivitamin pills - to replace iron and calcium especially - to prevent brittle bones or other health problems.

Fitness Regime

Any fitness regime should be carefully coordinated with a qualified medical doctor. Take measurements for blood pressure, body mass and glucose levels before proceeding with exercise. Senior citizens need to watch their blood pressure, weight and cholesterol. They should find easy ways to exercise - like walking up stairs or around the block.

Self-Management of Health

Seniors should keep their mental health active and alert with non-strenuous crosswords, puzzles and games. They should continue to challenge their brains to maintain good mental health. Senior citizens should memorize any special health conditions or write the health information down to assist caregivers and home health nurses.

Health Care

Health Care should focus on preventative care: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Health information is plentiful in libraries or on the Internet. The elderly should verify the validity of any opinions, recommendations and advice with their physicians.

Health insurance and home health

Many Senior Citizens who have health insurance are satisfied with their coverage, especially when they can choose their own doctor. Health insurance is a tool that must be coordinated with home health efforts to develop and maintain good habits and routines.

Women's Health Issues

Women's health concerns may require special vitamins to transition the body through any changes related to aging. There are many good sources for health information that can improve women's health. Women need to be careful to differentiate between sales and marketing campaigns and geniuine medical health facts. Consider the source for health information and whether they will gain monetarily from a women's health issue.

Top 12 ways to Increase Senior Health Management:

1.) Good nutrition
2.) Proper fitness
3.) Frequent medical checkups
4.) Read latest medical health news
5.) Know yourself
6.) Prevent possible medical health problems
7.) Handle chronic conditions
8.) Mental alertness through puzzles and games
9.) Develop good health management habits
10.) Reduce stress
11.) Focus on what is truly important
12.) Cherish your blessings

Seniors are ultimately in control of their own health management; they must use all available tools to develop good habits and routines to ensure they enjoy good health.