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Senior health information - How 12 vegetables can help you to prevent cancer, diabetes and other health problems. Eat a few of these vegetables daily.

Senior citizens that make a habit of eating foods with plenty of nutrition, can reduce the physical inconveniences related to aging and greatly improve their medical health. Health management becomes much easier with healthy diet changes. Everyday, healthy nutrition and fitness should be a part of home health care. Also, studying health information may lead to decreasing health insurance and health care costs.

Vegetable's Role

There's an abundance of health information that shows evidence from health insurance statistics that vegetables are vital to senior's nutrition and health care. Vegetable are not only packed with enzymes and vitamins, but their fiber is critical for the health of the intestines. Vegetables boost nutrition and can prevent diseases normally treated by health insurance providers.

12 Top Vegetables

Senior's mental health benefits from the independence gained by applying effective home health care. Both men and women's health management can gain benefits by eating the 12 vegetables listed below.


This contains lutein which is an eye antioxidant that protects elderly adults from macular degeneration. Memory loss that is related to age, is slowed down by eating spinach. This improves mental health outlook and mental health stress.

Brussels Sprouts

These have glucosinolates which help the fitness of the colon and protect it from colon cancer and liver cancer.

Lima Beans

These provide advantages to senior's home health nutrition with their large amount of fiber that aids in reducing cholesterol. Lima beans also contribute to preventing high levels of blood sugar.


This has double the amount of Vitamin C as an orange. Broccoli also contains glucoraphanin that gets converted into sulforphane, an anti-cancer compound that fortifies your medical health.

Green Peas

Peas have an abundant supply of Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and B6. They also contain folate, magnesium along with fiber. The folic acid combines with Vitamin B6 to form a protection for the heart from decreased homocysteine levels.


These contain a large amount of an anti-oxidant called carotene that has powerful healing affects for arthritis, macular degeneration and nasal congestion.

Sweet Potatoes

These help minimize the chance of heart disease, obesity and diabetes for both men and women's health.


These have phyto-nutrients, cynarin and silymarin, that benefit health management of liver conditions.


Its anti-oxidants help slow down the aging process. In addition, asparagus helps prevent cancerous tumors from being created through its anti-cancer compounds.


This contains allicin which is known for promoting a healthier heart and reducing the chance of a stroke or other medical health problems within the heart.

Lettuce And Celery

When combined with carrots, they act as blood cleansers that help the body resist colds and improve the immune system fitness according to current health information.


These have magnesium and calcium for bones and vitamin E and phyto-chemicals that prevent cardiovascular illnesses. Almonds help women's health bone loss problems.