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Create your own personal fountain of youth. The true secret to feeling good and living a long healthy life is staying active with a daily fitness program that suits your lifestyle.

Young or old, we all know that physical activity and regular exercise are the keys to staying healthy and feeling good. If you feel you are already fairly active, that’s great. But if you’ve stuck to the same routine for a long time, maybe it’s time to step it up a little. If you are someone who has become sedentary, it’s never to late to find a fitness routine you can enjoy and get started on it.

Top Twelve Reasons to Add a Fitness Routine to Your Day

There are probably dozens of reasons to get and stay fit. Those listed here are the top twelve and are in no particular order because each one is as good a reason as the other.

1. Getting in better physical condition can delay or even prevent diabetes.
2. Being in shape can make your heart healthier and help reduce the chances of cardiovascular issues.
3. A regular exercise routine can reduce arthritis pain.
4. Weight baring exercises like walking and lifting even small weights can slow the progress of osteoporosis.
5. Physical activity is a great way to curb feelings of anxiety and depression.
6. Staying physically fit gives you the ability to do more things for yourself and keep your independence.
7. Regular exercise can improve your endurance and keep you from wearing out quickly.
8. Daily physical activity can help you sleep better at night.
9. Certain types of exercise can improve your flexibility and make you more limber.
10. Muscle loss occurs as people age. Many different exercises will help you rebuild muscle.
11. Incorporating certain exercises into your routine can help improve balance to reduce the chances of falling.
12. Daily physical activity is fun, especially when shared with friends. Enjoy time with friends while getting into shape and feeling good about yourself.

What Type of Activities and Exercises to Incorporate

Fitness does not always have to mean organized exercises. Everyday activities that get your body moving like working in your garden, raking leaves, walking the dog, and using stairs rather than the elevator are all good forms of physical activity. But for the times that you don’t do enough of these things, it’s time to add an official fitness routine to your day.

1. Endurance exercises – Gradually build up to 30 minutes a day doing some type of exercise that gets your heart rate up. Walking is a great example. Go outside and walk around the neighborhood. If you need to, start with just 10 minutes at a time until you can make it 30 minutes without stopping.

2. Strength exercises – Buy some one or two pound weights and do some simple lifting exercises to start rebuilding those muscles and slow down your osteoporosis. Improving your strength will make the other exercises easier, too.

3. Balance exercises – Stand on one foot at a time and try to do it without supporting yourself. Practice standing up from your chair without the help of your arms. Occasionally walk heel-to-toe.

4. Stretching exercises – When you stretch regularly you will become more flexible and this will make many daily activities easier.