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If I Die, What Happens To My Reverse Mortgage?

If I die what happens to my reverse mortgage?Will my kids inherit my home? Who is responsible for repayment of the reverse mortgage?Who gets the home?

If you pass away during the course of having a reverse mortgage your home will revert to the mortgage holder if all the debt is not paid within the timeframe stated in the contract. On average most reverse mortgage note holders allow the spouse or family to retain the home for up to six months after the death of the individual. During that time the family will need to repay the full amount to the mortgage holder to claim ownership of the home.

Will my children inherit my home?

Depending on the contract that you sign, your children may not have any rights of inheritance associated with your home if you have a reverse mortgage. Many companies will allow the beneficiary’s time to repay the debt and purchase the home, but otherwise there is no right to inheritance.

Who retains ownership of the home?

When you have a reverse mortgage, the lender assumes all ownership rights of the house. A reverse mortgage is, in a way, the lender purchasing your home from you using monthly payments. They pay you an amount each month and in return they claim ownership of the home when you die so they can resell the property and gain their money back.

Who is responsible for repaying a reverse mortgage?

If you die while you have a reverse mortgage the lender will sell your home so they can get back the money that you were paid during the course of the mortgage. If your children, or other beneficiary’s wish to claim the home, they will have a limited time to repay the lender and take possession of the home.

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