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The best questions to ask a nursing home before moving in. Don't be caught without these!

Who is my nurse going to be, and how much experience do they have?

This is the most important question you can ask. It is absolutely imperative that you know your nurse's name, how long they have been working in nursing homes, and any pertinent history the nursing home can provide. Your nurse is going to have your daily affairs in their hands, and they must be able to conduct themselves responsibly.

How long has the nursing home been in operation?

This question is very important. How long a nursing home has been in operation should be a deciding factor in choosing a nursing home. Generally, the longer a nursing home has been in business, the higher quality their service. Do not work with a nursing home that has not been in operation for at least five years. If you have no other choice, ensure the nursing home has an extensive list of references.

What kind of service can i expect?

The nursing home will be your home for the foreseeable future. It is important to know what services you will be provided with during your stay. Factors such as meals, medical care, and recreational facilities, are all things to inquire about. Some nursing homes even offer transportation for their residents. This can offer a convenience that you may not be able to enjoy before moving to the facility.

How many accidents has the facility had recently?

This question must be asked. A facility's safety is of the utmost importance. A facility that treats their patients with care and love should have a very few number of accidents.

These are the most important questions you can ask a nursing home before moving in.