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The secret to planning your retirement in the cheapest state you can find so you can enjoy your retirement with less financial burden.

When you finally make the decision to retire from your job you have a lot of things to consider. The most important thing to think about is relocation. If you're going to move away, you need to go somewhere that you can live cheaply during your golden years. There are lots of places to consider, but only one state is truly the cheapest choice.

What is the cheapest state to retire in?

The cheapest state you can retire in is Florida. Florida is also the most popular state for retirees. If you are a senior citizen who chooses to retire in Florida you qualify for some perks. There is a property tax exemption of up to $25,000 in Florida. There is also no state income tax in Florida. Right now it is cheaper than ever to buy a house in Florida and put down roots. Many of the senior citizen communities in Florida are inexpensive so that almost any senior can afford to live there if they choose.

What are other reasons to retire in Florida?

The beautiful climate of Florida is another great reason to retire in Florida aside from the fact it is the cheapest state to retire in. Florida has fantastic weather year round. It also has a booming senior citizen community with more and more seniors moving there to retire every single day. Many seniors opt to go there because it's a great place to mingle and get to know other seniors. Another added perk is that your grandchildren will always be eager to come and see you since you most likely are not too far from Walt Disney World, beaches, and other fun activities.