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Now that you are close to retirement, you would want to opt for a retirement community.

What is a Retirement Community?

Retirement communities constitute people who are either close to their retirement or have already retired. These people may be living on their own – independent or they might be assisted by others. This depends on the preferences of the retirees. The basic advantage of a retirement community is its design. It is set up with the intention to have everything available for its residents. It offers its inmates a very positive lifestyle.

Types of Communities

There are two types of retirement communities. They are life-care retirement communities and continuing care communities.

Life care community gives life-time health care facilities to the residents. This care is provided till the very end, regardless of the type or nature of disease. This community also has to provide basic benefits for the remaining life of the resident. This includes amenities like food and shelter when the financial resources of
residents have been used up. These communities also extend nursing services to its people. These services are located within the community area.

Continuing care retirement communities provide a multitude of services to their members. These include residential and medical services for the retired personnel. These services offer independent homes to those members who have enough resources to manage on their own. The communities also have inbuilt nursing facilities. The residential service provided to the community residents cannot be taken away from them.

What should you choose?

You should be willing to live with a retirement community for the rest of your post-retirement life. A lot of choices for retirement communities are available these days. It can be a country club or an urban community situated close to a medical facility. However, it depends on your personal choice.