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Retirement is a time to relax sit back and enjoy life. What happens with your money makes a difference. What are the best investments for a retiree?

Having steady income that you can depend on makes a world of difference when you are retired and want to live a life of leisure. Making the right investments for your future are the right thing to do. What are the best investments for a retiree?

What are the best investments for a retiree?

With the new tax law it may take a bit of rethinking in order to best understand the benefits of investments. Retirees may want to move money that they have invested in bonds into stocks instead to take best advantage of the new rules.

How should you invest as a retiree?

Your priorities may need to change when it involves the way you invest your money from this point on. Traditional investments that pay interest have become less desirable while dividends and long-term gains have become the investments of choice.

Are stocks more attractive?

Bonds and money market funds as well as certificates of deposit that traditionally were considered to be the safer choice for older investors have faded as desirable investments in favor of dividend producing investments such as stocks. The reason for this is that the tax rates have been cut in half for stock dividends versus a slight reduction for interest producing investment.

So, what types of investments should a retiree make?

Preferred stocks may be the best choice for a retiree to invest in since the dividends must be paid prior to the pay out of ordinary stocks, and these pay outs are usually larger.

What are the best investments for a retiree?

Check it out, make sure you know what you are doing before you invest and you should be able to make more money.