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Now that I am retiring I want to be able to make sure that my assets will be safe for the rest of my life. How do I protect my assets when I retire?

After working all of your life you are ready to retire. During those working years you have built up a retirement plan by carefully and methodically making those deposits into stocks and bonds, mutual funds, ira’s and other retirement savings plans. You should ask yourself, “How do I protect my assets when I retire?”

How do I protect my assets when I retire?

Making good investments are a good idea when you want to save for retirement and even after you have retired. Diversification is just as important when making those investments.

Dividend stocks and equities

Statistics show that dividend stocks and equities have for over 50 years consistently grown at a faster rate than inflation has meaning that they have more than kept up with the earning power expected by the investor.


Like dividend stocks and equities, bonds are a conservative investment strategy that provides consistent growth and stability for an income oriented portfolio.

Mutual Funds and Bond Funds

Similar to regular bonds mutual funds are a company that uses investor money to invest in stocks and bonds providing balance and diversification for the investor. This is another means of providing stability to the assets.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities are purchased through an insurance company that you can choose to receive monthly payments from for a particular number of years or even for your lifetime.

Diversify for safety

By using a mixture of any or all of the above investment strategies you should be able to protect your assets for your retirement. Of course, always check with a professional to make sure you make the right decision.