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Tips on how seniors can make their retirement funds last.

Budget Monthly Expenses

The first tip is to budget all of your monthly expenses. Staying on a budget is essential when you are on a fixed income and are no longer working full time.

Shop at Discount and Thrift Stores

The second tip is to shop at discount and thrift stores. Saving every cent possible is a necessity as a senior. Discount and thrift stores have great items at very low prices.

Invest Your Money

The third tip is to keep some money in investments. Keeping some of your money in stocks and mutual funds can help your retirement funds last longer. Having a conservative stock portfolio can actually make you a lot of money in the long run.

Live Within Your Means

The fourth tip is to leave within your means. Many seniors still spoil their grand children and children with presents. This cannot continue anymore after retirement. Being a grandparent or parent does not meant that you need to go broke doing things for others. Try making gifts or spending only a certain amount of money on presents per year.

Look for Financial Assistance Programs

The fifth tip is to look for financial assistance programs for senior citizens. Some seniors are available for energy, housing, prescription drug, and other assistance. These assistance programs can help seniors make their retirement funds last longer.

Avoid Unnecessary Household Expenses

The sixth tip is to avoid unnecessary household expenses. Just by having basic cable, Internet, and phone service a person can save over a few thousand dollars per year. Always look for bargains and special promotions to help reduce monthly expenses.

Switch to a Used Car

By purchasing a used car, a senior citizen can avoid a costly monthly car payment. If you only go out a few times a week then buying a well-maintained used car is a great money saver. Hopefully these tips will help seniors make their retirement funds last longer.