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Medicare Part D was designed to help seniors pay for prescription drug coverage. At the time, prescription drug prices were cheaper in Canada than they were in the United States. Even though the Medicare prescription drug plan has been available for several years, many senior in the US are still choosing to buy their drugs from Canadian pharmacies. When the prescription drug benefit was first announced, the designers hoped that it would stop the trend and bring business back into the United States. The plan has worked the way legislators have hoped.

Does Medicare Cover Canada Drugs?

Medicare, unsurprisingly, does not cover prescription drugs that seniors buy from Canada. Other insurance plans might cover the cost and the co-pay, but Medicare is a U.S. program and only deals with pharmacies in the United States. When presented with the drug coverage option, many seniors felt that the new prescription drug plan did not offer significant savings. Others found the rules that governed the new benefit to be complicated to bother. Analysts predict a continuation of this trend might cause Medicare drug premiums to rise and cause private insurance companies backing the plan to opt out.

Should I Worry About Medicare Paying for Canada Drugs?

Unless a senior citizen only has a Medicare and a Madigan plan as his primary health insurance option, he may not need to worry about the cost. For people who live in Border States, the occasional trip to pick up Canada drugs may still be less than the cost of the same drugs bought under a Medicare Prescription coverage plan. The problem with drug costs lays not so much in where the drugs are bought, but the regulations that make the cost of buying and selling drugs much higher in the United States than the cost is in Canada.