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In terms of pricing, there is a huge difference between drugs bought in the United States and those bought north of the border. Most people thus wonder if these differences affect the quality of the medication sold in the two countries. Below are some facts to help determine if there really is a difference between Canadian drugs and American ones.

Pricing For Canadian Drugs

Canadian drugs are relatively cheap than those in the United States. This is because the government (both central and provincial) regulates the prices and puts a ceiling to the amount drug stores can sell them. The government also ensures that the price for wholesale drugs is low with the ripple effect ensuring that patients get them at a cheap retail price. This is to ensure that patients can comfortably afford medication given that living standards and spending power in Canada are slightly lower compared to the US.

New And More Expensive Medicine

Canada is very strict when it comes to the kind of medicine it offers to its citizens. New drugs are often more expensive as they are believed to work much faster and more effectively. Canada does not allow the introduction of certain types of new medicines to its market arbitrarily. The government tests the effectiveness of the new drugs as compared to the existing ones and determines a reasonable price.

What Therefore Is The Difference Between Canadian Drugs And American Drugs?

There really isn’t any difference between Canadian drugs and those sold in the US when it comes to quality. As a matter of fact, most of the drugs sold in Canada are manufactured and shipped from the US and later repacked for the Canadian market. This being the case, the question as to whether Canadian drugs are any different from those sold in the US has no as the answer.