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With the internet being the biggest source of information in the world today, it is no surprise that most people are turning to the World Wide Web for news, products, services and so much more. Searching for what you need from the comfort of your home, maybe even still in your pajamas, is convenient and safe. When it comes to buying drugs, whether it be prescription or non-prescription, online pharmacies are just what society needs today. So, what are the benefits to shopping at an online Canada drug store?

Buying Canada Drugs Online is Cheap

Of course, the number one benefit of buying Canada drugs is because the prescription drug prices are cheaper online than they are in the actual pharmacy. The reason behind their low prescription drug prices is that they do not have any maintenance costs, tax, rental and overheads. Because these fees are not assessed, the online pharmacy is able to sell them at a discount price. Just because it is discounted, however, does not mean that the drugs are of low quality or off-brand. Most of the pharmacies sell the branded prescription drugs and the generic ones.

Canadian Drug Stores Online are User Friendly

Most of the online pharmacy sites that offer Canada drugs are user friendly and allow the buyer to see the products in a friendly interface. This way, you can get exactly what you need. The drugs are listed with a description, how to use it, how to store it, the ingredients that are used in it and any other important information. Online pharmacies will allow you to search for the type of drug you are looking for, the name of it, the category that it might fall into or by the brand name. This search will bring up all related drugs so the buyer can get exactly what they are looking for.

Purchasing Pharmaceutical Drugs Online is Convenient

When you buy prescription drugs online, you aren’t only saving yourself time and money, you are also saving yourself the hassle of visiting a pharmacy and even a doctor if you are buying non-prescription drugs. So, instead of having to see a doctor about an embarrassing medication, or asking a pharmacist about certain medications that you would rather not tell anyone about, shop at an online pharmacy to receive privacy and convenience.

Reasons to Buy Prescription Drugs Online

So, if you decide to buy your prescription drugs or non-prescription Canada drugs online, remember these top 12 benefits to buying online.

1. Convenience of not having to leave your home
2. Discount prescription drug prices
3. Your choice of brand name or generic
4. Not having an embarrassing doctor’s visit
5. Patient privacy
6. No embarrassing questions for the pharmacist
7. User friendly websites
8. Ability to view and choose what you are getting
9. Everyone is eligible and there are not any hidden fees
10. Safe, online payment transactions
11. Trusted pharmacists available to answer questions
12. Ability to order when you want and from wherever you are

Canada’s Medicare

Getting discounted prescription drugs does not just come from ordering them online. If you are a legal resident of Canada, you are entitled to receive Medicare. Medicare is Canada’s public funded universal health-care program. Under Medicare, a permanent resident of Canada is entitled to receive necessary medical treatment by a physician or in a hospital without having to make a co-payment.

Medicare Drug Plans for Canadian Residents

Canada drugs are covered through Medicare drug plans, but vary throughout different provinces. Each different province has the ability to develop its own prescription drug plan. The Canada Health Act only requires that pharmaceuticals that are delivered to a patient, within a hospital, be covered. Some provinces only choose to cover patients within a certain age group. These age groups are typically senior citizens. Some provinces, however, are more universal. Drug co-payments also vary through different provinces. Although, they do vary, the prices are controlled. Under the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, Canada pays about the same for their prescriptions that other selected countries pay. Canada residents neither pay more or less than these other countries.

Americans Purchasing Canada Drug

America has found a reason to order prescription drugs from a Canadian drug store. Everyone in the world knows how much Americans like their drugs. The costs continue to rise, however, because there is not a price control, like there is in Canada. Last year, Americans spent over $300 billion in pharmaceutical drugs.

Canada Drugs Online are Cheaper

Recently, due to an incredible difference in how much Americans and Canadians spend on drugs per year, there was a study done that compared the two countries on this matter. The study actually showed that Canadians and Americans spend about the same amount of money on prescription medications. This may be so, but, due to a government price ceiling on brand name prescription brands, Canada residents pay 53% less than Americans. The flip side to this is that generic drugs are 112% more expensive in Canada because they are not subject to market force.

Comparing Prices: Why Buy Prescription Drugs From a Canadian Drug Store

Americans have found, through this study, that if they wish to buy brand name prescription drugs, it is best to buy from Canada drug stores, seeing that they are cheaper. Of course, buying them online is even cheaper! Some examples of these price differences are Coumadin pills, which are $90 for 90 pills in the US, are $50 in Canada and Tamoxifen is $52 for 60 pills in the US, while it goes for $38 in Canada. But, it does not stop there. Not only do Canadian online pharmacies offer cheap prescription drugs, they also offer cheap over the counter drugs.


If you have to take certain prescription drugs on a regular basis, taking advantage of the things mentioned in this article can save you a ton of money. It can also save you time and provide true patient confidentiality. Maintaining your health is expensive, especially if you do not have insurance coverage. Hopefully, buying from a Canadian drug store will help you lower your cost and increase your good health.