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People reaching retirement want to know will supplemental insurance pay for what Medicare does not. No one wants to receive huge bills in the mail which weren't expected. Here are tips to prevent these bad surprises from happening to you:

Find Affordable Medicare Supplemental Insurance Coverage

If you need to know will supplemental insurance pay for what Medicare does not, it is already clear you need to seek an affordable provider for supplemental insurance. Medicare will not pay all your health care costs and you can expect to be responsible for at least 25% of the cost associated with your health care expenses. Find an inexpensive supplemental insurance carrier that will pay for the non-covered co-payments and expenses so you can have peace of mind without worrying about charges which are not covered my Medicare.

Many Health care Costs Are Not Covered By Medicare

You need to know will supplemental insurance pay for what Medicare does not before having elective surgery or testing. Many times optional medical services are not covered by Medicare at all and you are responsible for the entire cost of the test or surgery. You want to be certain your supplemental insurance will pay in each situation which may arise. Many carriers of Medicare supplement insurance do pay for 100% of non-Medicare covered expenses, but some do not pay for elective procedures or testing. Be sure to obtain a list of exactly what the supplemental insurance will and will not pay for before scheduling elective health care services.

Will Supplemental Insurance Pay When Medicare Does Not Pay?

There are some insurance carriers which will not pay in certain situations that are also not covered by Medicare. Experimental procedures are often not covered by either Medicare or other types of insurance. Unfortunately, many life-saving procedures are not covered experimentals. For example, bone marrow transplants are considered experimental in some situations. Be sure you know what is covered by Medicare and what will be left for you to pay.