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Why the health care bill will not hurt Medicare in the long run.

The health care debate has been going on basically since President Barack Obama took office in January of 2009. Some Americans are asking can Medicare survive if this health care reform bill goes through? Here are reasons why Medicare will most likely survive if the health care bill is passed.

Medicare Can Survive If It Is Going to be Well Funded

Medicare is currently underfunded but if enough tax dollars can go towards properly funding Medicare. There needs to be more legislation to oversee Medicare expenses to make sure that only legitimate medical related expenses are being covered. Many news reports have documented fraud in the Medicare system where people steal social security numbers and make fraudulent claims to Medicare and got millions of dollars. There needs to be more oversight to ensure that this does not happen any longer.

Health Care Legislation Can Actually Strengthen Medicare in the Long Run

If the health care bill is passed then this could help the entire health care industry be much fairer. Insuring an additional thirty million people will help consumers and the government at the same time. Often, the government has to pick up some of the tab when people have no insurance. If more people can get insured then the government can save money while helping to get consumers cheaper and more affordable health care services.

Medicare Could Be Expanded to Help With Rising Insurance Costs

Many senior citizens like their Medicare coverage and many have theorized that the program might one day be expanded to insured those seniors aged fifty five and older. By adding more people and tax money to the pool, Medicare could become even stronger and help protect consumers from rising insurance premiums. The key is to have the health care bill help reduce health insurance costs and keep Medicare alive and help it stay strong for centuries to come.