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Enrolling in Medicare is a big step for people who are turning 65. It is important to know if you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare at 65 or if you will need to sign up.

As a person reaches the age of sixty-five Medicare enrollment is a major step in setting up his health care coverage future. Some people will automatically be enrolled in Medicare when they turn 65. Others will have to initiate the enrollment.

Will I Automatically Be Enrolled In Medicare When I Turn 65?

An individual will automatically be enrolled in Medicare when he turns 65 if he is receiving Social Security benefits or signs up to receive his full Social Security benefits at age 65. Receiving Social Security benefits is one trigger for automatic enrollment in Medicare. The other trigger to automatically be enrolled in Medicare is if the individual receives or will begin receiving Railroad Retirement benefits at age 65.

How Will I Know If I Am Automatically Enrolled In Medicare?

The period of open enrollement for Medicare benefits begins three months before the month of a person's sixty-fifth birthday. If an individual has been automatically enrolled he will receive his Medicare card and a package of pertinent Medicare information three months before his sixty-fifth birthday.

Who Will Not Be Automatically Enrolled In Medicare at Age 65?

Some people choose to continue working past the age of sixty-five delaying their starting date for Social Security benefits. They will need to contact Medicare to sign up for the Medicare insurance. These persons have seven months to contact Medicare beginning with three months before the month they turn sixty-five, the month of the sixty-fifth birthday, and the three months following the sixty-fifth birthday. It is important for those who continue working to contact Medicare during the time frame allowed as they will not be automatically enrolled