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Why Would I Use Medicare Advantage Over A Medicare Supplement? In most areas of the United States you have the option to choose original Medicare or one of the newer Medicare Advantage Plans. If you choose one of the Medicare Advantage plans than you cannot use a Medicare supplement policy. To understand this question, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two.

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage plans provide a new alternative to the traditional Medicare program. With more set rates and limited out of pocket expenses, these plans are appealing to more and more seniors. Most now come with some type of prescription drug plan included as well. There are options to be chosen within this market. The plans come as Preferred Provider Organization Plans or PPO's, Health Maintenance Organization Plans or HMO's and Private Fee-For-Service Plans or PFFS. Some markets offer all of these while other markets do not. These are purchased in lieu of original Medicare plans.

What Is A Medicare Supplement?

A Medicare Supplement helps to pay the expense that is left over after Medicare pays its portion of your medical expense. This are purchased in addition to the original or traditional Medicare. These provide you with the option of choosing any health care provider even if you are traveling outside of your traditional area.

Why Would I Use Medicare Advantage Over A Medicare Supplement?

Being on a fixed income, many senior prefer the predictability that the new Medicare Advantage plans offer. These plans lay out the expected out of pocket expense, and many of the plans offer a cost savings with no additional premium. The inclusive drug plans create a value that is not seen in many of the Medicare Supplemental plans at no additional cost.