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Obama did not eliminate the Medicare Advantage plans. The drug manufacturers and distributors who were often working with the insurance companies on the Medicare Advantage plans all got together to decide to get rid of the Medicare Advantage plans because the insurance companies were no longer going to be subsidized by the federal government. You have to ask yourself who is truly to blame for the fact that Medicare Advantage plans may not be as prevalent. There are people out there who simply think that Obama and the Democratic Congress eliminated Medicare Advantage plans. There is certainly more to the story.


Some states were hit harder than other states due to the cutbacks implemented by the insurance companies when it comes to the Medicare Advantage plans. The state of Florida was hit hard by the fact that so many Medicare Advantage plans were cut. The same can be said about the state of Arizona. This does not mean that all senior citizens who are enrolled in Medicare could not have been impacted by the cutting of Medicare Advantage plans because they were, but some states simply have a much larger senior population within them. You should keep this in mind when you are talking about medicare advantage plans.


More and more people are going to be enrolling in Medicare in future years. This could make more people struggle in order to be able to afford their medication and their surgeries in the future. There are plenty of people out there who could benefit from a medicare advantage plan. The medicare advantage plans are going to have to be addressed. Many of these cut backs can not be maintained. You have to understand that the concept of a medicare advantage plan is in fact a fairly new concept.