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Medicare Supplemental Insurance has become a necessity for many Medicare recipients to help offset the costs not covered by Medicare. Do some states have better Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans than others?

Medicare is a Federal program operated by the government on a national basis. Medicare Supplemental Insurance is a mandated by the Federal government but is operated by private state licensed insurance companies.

Which States Have The Best Supplemental Insurance For Medicare?

All states have the exact same Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans. These plans are called Medigap because they were designed to fill the gap in coverage left by Medicare. Because the Federal government mandated the Supplemental Insurance coverage the benefits are uniform across the country. If a person selects Medigap Plan A in North Dakota or in North Carolina the plan pays the exact same benefits. Regardless of where a person lives all Plan A's are exactly alike in what they cover and the amount they will pay. The only difference is the cost. Depending on the state in which a person lives Plan A may have a premium that is higher or lower than in a neighboring state.

How Do I Decide On The Best Supplemental Insurance for Me?

The best Medicare Supplemental Insurance is an individual choice based on a person's anticipated needs. Beginning with Plan A Medigap offers minimal coverage that pays only what Part A of the Medicare Insurance does not pay. The Medigap plans are designated by letter from A to J. Plan A is the most basic of plans while Plan J is the most comprehensive.

Do Supplemental Insurance for Medicare Premiums Differ From State to State?

Among the states when looking for the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance the only differences are in the premiums. Those premiums are determined by the private insurers and approved by each state. It is worth noting that within a state premiums may vary on a single plan. One insurer may charge more for the same Plan A than another. It is up to the consumer to shop for the best price within his state once he has determined the plan that best fits his needs.