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As people reach old age their need for health care dramatically increases and therefore they often accumulate considerable costs associated with health care. One of the most common ways for this burden to be dealt with is through the government’s health care benefit programs such as Medicare. Medicare is government funded health insurance coverage for the elderly.


Medicare has groups of coverage policies known as plans. These range from A-D. The one Medicare plan that is quite important is Plan B. Plan B offers numerous benefits and covers a multitude of reconstructive surgeries. Medicare Plan B covers doctors’ bills/fees and outpatient costs. The surgeries that Medicare Plan B recovers are surgical procedures that are done to repair the body after accidents and injuries, procedures done to improve the appearance and function of body parts that don’t develop or form properly and procedures to reconstruct one or both breasts after a mastectomy.


For example Medicare Plan B offers patients to have funding for surgery and procedures such as tonsillectomies or oral surgery. Plan B offers Gall Bladder procedures to help improve the quality of the digestive system and hernia repairs to help the patient recover from and overcome problems with the bones, hips, and back. These are among the kinds of surgery covered by Medicare Plan B.


The kinds of surgeries that Medicare Plan B also covers are surgical procedures that are urgent and needed right away to address immediate health problems such as acute appendicitis, blood clots and aneurysms and accidental injuries. The procedures to resolve these health problems are more of the kinds of surgical procedures covered in Medicare Plan B.

Having Medicare as a health insurance policy is very helpful and essential for the elderly as health care costs can get quite burdening. The type of coverage received and possessed is also very important as it is extremely vital that individuals have medical coverage in case of a severe health problem. One of the best coverage options for Medicare holders is Plan B due to its ability to cover medical costs including surgeries.